Pop Culture Ramblings

Cheaters: Valentine’s Day Edition

What better way to celebrate the upcoming love-fest that is Valentine’s day, than with a list of my favourite cheaters? Since cheating on your significant other is becoming a fad for people in the public eye, I thought it would make for a great blog entry. So I am sharing with you the people who have cheated, yet are still totally loveable (how very Valentine’s day of me). 

1. Hugh Grant: 

The Original McDreamy

Sure, it has been years since his tryst with a prostitute, but nonetheless it still happened. I choose to believe that he was clinically insane for that hour in his life. Honestly who would cheat on Elizabeth Hurley? Also, I highly doubt that Hugh has to pay to get lovin’ of any kind. 

The Hottest of Cheaters

2. Brad Pitt:

Ok, so maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, but since I have seen what Angelina looks like and that they now have a family of 500 together, I am thinking that he did. 


3.  Chad Michael Murray 


Don’t even ask me what it is about this one, but somehow he is still swoon worthy to me. This is a guy who cheated on a gorgeous girl (Sophia Bush) and apparently did it with the walking STD herself, Paris Hilton. I guess it’s the fact that he has been on two of my past guilty pleasures (Dawson’s Creek & One Tree Hill) or perhaps it is that squint thing he does with his eyes. Your guess is as good as mine… 

*Sorry for the lack of Tiger Woods, but I’ve always been a Mike Weir girl myself


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