Douche Of The Week Award Goes To…

The Olympics are over and Canada dominated the gold. This of course means that it is time for all of the bitter American’s to come out of the woodwork. I am not saying that every American is bitter – that would be immensely ignorant of me. I would however like to point out one douche-canoe in particular. His name: Gil Lebreton. His publication: the Star-Telegram (yeah, I have never heard of it either). Throughout the entire article, Lebreton reams out Canada for having too much pride and flaunting the fact that we claimed severe ownage of the gold podium. First of all, of course we have pride and we did dominate the gold medals – I don’t get his point. Second of all, he calls himself an American but it seems as though he has never met the States. Anytime something amazing happens in the U.S they are the first ones to say “This could only happen in America – it truly is the greatest country in the world”.

Of course Lebreton does not stop at saying we have too much pride. Lebreton says that we drink too much, that our marijuana laws are too “loose” and even goes as far as to condemn the fact that too many people were sporting Canadian Olympic gear.

“Team Canada hockey jerseys became the uniform of the streets. Maple leafs were either hanging or on clothing everywhere. One thing I never saw: a simple flag or shirt with the five Olympic rings. Not anywhere. After 15 Olympics, that was a first.”

The icing on the cake came when buddy decided to compare us to Nazi’s… yes, Nazi’s

“I didn’t attend the ’36 Olympics, but I’ve seen the pictures. Swastikas everywhere…an Olympic host is supposed to welcome the world. This one was too busy being (their word) “patriotic.”

Now, I’m wondering if Canadians can even recognize themselves.

Nice party. But so 1936.”

Listen dude, it is not Canada’s fault that maybe WE are the greatest country in the world. It is also not our fault that you clearly have a small penis.

To read all of Lebreton’s douchery, here is the link:



5 thoughts on “Douche Of The Week Award Goes To…

  1. @Matthew – I am a very PROUD American, and I can’t say that you speak for the majority of your fellow American’s. Yes the U.S. did win more medals, yes I feel that the U.S. is a more athletic country, it’s all part of one’s pride for one’s country… but you cannot go around slagging other countries because you feel like it. That’s asinine. It makes you as much of a douche-bag as old Gilly.

    Congrats to you sir for making Nicole’s point about douche-bags ring true.

    P.S. Not all of what Gil wrote is completely inaccurate (just 95% of it) – I think that Canada was pretty memorized by Canada in the Olympics…

  2. Gil remind me again what sport you play? All the athletes are winners. It takes a lot of work to compete at the Olympic level. Let us know when you become a professional athlete and we will teach you sportsmanship no extra charge – because that’s the way we roll!

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