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Laid Back – With My Mind On My Money & My Money On My Mind

Went to my first Jays game on the weekend – in fact it was my first baseball game of any kind. I went with my friend Aly and her b/f  Adam (holler for third wheels everywhere), they officially stole my baseball game virginity (or vaginity as I kept saying – sometimes I stroke out and can’t speak, it actually happens far to often).  Anyways we went, they won, I got burnt, it was a pretty solid day all around.

I noticed several ‘interesting’ people at the game – although I prefer to use the term ‘freaks’. One dude sitting in front of us was clearly a Jays regular. Buddy could be mistaken for a brown leather couch and felt the need to document every single stat of that game, like he was on the team. I also saw a guy wearing a dress and then a bra and panties overtop. I am not an avid baseball fan, but I feel as though his ridiculous cry for attention had nothing to do with the game and everything to do with wanting to have a vag instead of the (probably small) penis he had. The last thing I noticed was random underage girls wearing bunny ears. Is this some new fashion statement? Is wanting to be a bunny the new wanting to be a vampire? I don’t get it and I am just happy that I am not a teenager right now.

My favourite part of the day was seeing a guy playing a guitar with a paper bag over his head. I can’t remember if he played well, I was too focused on that sexy face of his.

*Title: Gin and Juice – By: Snoop Dogg


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