Let’s Do It Like They Do On The Discovery Channel

As the G20 summit rapidly approaches Toronto (June 26-27) more and more security measures are being put into place to make sure that douchebag protestors don’t ass-rape the entire city. Apparently, for these assholes, even trees are seen as potential tools to cause destruction, and the G20 security have begun uprooting some of them until the summit ends.

Since the only thing I have been hearing about this summit involves what to expect from protestors and the copious amounts of traffic jams that will be hindering the already congested flow of the city – I decided to a look-see at what the theme of this summit was going to be, since I really had no idea.

Apparently the theme for this G20 Summit is  “Recovery and New Beginnings”. I find this somewhat amusing , since recovery is what this city will need after all is said and done.

I get why people do not want this summit to take place. I feel for those who will be affected on a larger scale than simply being inconvenienced because the Jays can’t play at home or that it may take an extra hour to get anywhere. What I don’t get are the protests that do actual damage to the city. What is this proving? You have not stopped the summit, the disdain that you feel has not gone away – all that you are left with is a busted up city that is going to further your inconvenience when more time and money needs to be put into the aftermath because what you have caused. Peaceful protest I understand – morphing into nonsensical assholes I don’t.

*Title: The Bad Touch – By: Bloodhound Gang


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