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Every Word You Say I Think I Should Write Down

Went to my 80’s themed Jack and Jill last night. It was actually a really good time. It was great to see Shane and some of my other friends that I don’t get to hang out with nearly enough.

Saturday night was actually a bit of a time warp too. There were so many people from highschool there – some I still talk to and some that I never really did and evidently still do not. It was just a little strange seeing people who I have literally not seen since graduation day, 2003. I was talking to one girl who I was somewhat chummy with in high school and she was there with a guy who followed her from out West to Peterborough to be with her and she told me she “would see what happens”. I feel as though that situation could go one of two ways if it were me. I would either be flattered by the huge leap of faith that the guy took and be with him OR I would be totally creeped out and cross my fingers until the day he left. Knowing me it would probably be the latter.

*Title: Paperweight – By: Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk


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