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I Won’t Beg To Buy A Shot At Your Back Door

Did you know I had a blog, because apparently I forgot. Blame TIFF – I do. TIFF owned my life for its ten-day run and even before that. In all honesty, when I stop and really think about it, it was a great experience – even during the times that I thought I was going to collapse from lack of sleep and food. Today I finally gave into to the fact that I am indeed sick (apparently you can’t convince yourself that it’s just your allergies acting up – as someone pointed out to me, you don’t get stuffy 80-year-old man voice from allergies). My contract with TIFF is winding down and I am actually kind of sad about it – I work with a great group of people and became very comfortable in my position. I hate when things end too. I feel like a lot of things that I came to love and grow comfortable are ending right now and it’s a drag – but onward and upward right?!?! I always say “It is what it is” and I feel like that’s the only way to look at it. There’s nothing I can change, so why fixate? (yes, I totally have my moments of fixation – ugh, being human is a pain in the ass). Anyways, let’s focus on the positives. Want to hear about the highlights of my TIFF experience (just the festival run, all the other stuff would bore you). So, I got to swoon over James Franco, meet my favourite Mighty Duck’s coach and listen to some very interesting industry and non-industry people speak about all sorts of great topics. Meeting Roger Ebert was probably my highlight (yes, even Ebert beat out Franco -who knew ?!?). I used to watch Siskel and Ebert and then Ebert and Roper all of the time when I was growing up (my fascination with movies began at a very young age) and seeing this man who always seemed to have so much to say and had this amazing raw and sarcastic personality was like a little childhood dream come true. While it was unfortunate that he could not speak, he still had that spark and spunk to him and when he could not connect verbally, his wife would always step in and fill in the blanks. Their relationship and obvious love was a truly amazing thing to witness – it even made a skeptic like me, who thinks that people can’t stay happy together for a long period of time, rethink what love can really be like. Ending pathetic mushiness now. I won’t go into the Ebert and my feet story again because that is just bragging (I’m sorry but it justifies bragging) but I like to think that every night before he goes to sleep he looks at that picture of my feet and gives it two thumbs up.

Aside from the people I met, it was also a pretty amazing experience to watch all the months of hard work come together and turn out pretty fantastically. Feel free to pat me on the back if you see me. Now I will show some of the pics from Filmmakers’ Lounge – it’s funny how such an open, beautiful space can feel like such a prison for 10 days….I kid!

Title: Gonna Get Over You – By: Sara Bareilles


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