A Kick In The Teeth Is Good For Some, A Kiss With A Fist Is Better Than None

So, last night (or since it is almost 3 in the morning, two nights ago) did not end with me sitting at an overly long political play, but rather sitting on some patio (that required you to walk through what can only be described as a mini rape alley to get to) with Shane and three of his guy friends from Steamwhistle, listening to conversations that I probably should have been earmuffed for. All of these guys are hilarious though and to be honest, after over ten years of knowing Shane, nothing offends me. There were a few times when one of the guys would look at me as if to say “is it okay if I say this in front of a girl”  – thankfully Shane stepped in and let them know that our long-standing friendship has left me desensitized to any and all “guy” talk and that’s actually pretty accurate. It was a good night that ended in McDonald’s and Shane forcing his poor friend to walk me home. Thankfully this guy lived semi-close to me so I didn’t feel too bad.

Lately I have been giving advice to a friend that is near and dear to me about these circumstances he has with his lady friend. This friend is in a situation that was similar to mine and it’s funny how I am telling him all of these things, that I truly mean and believe, yet have a hard time applying to myself and my situation…or the aftermath of my situation I guess. Why is it so hard for us to take our own advice? How can we literally know the “right” things to do and say, yet just completely disregard them when it comes to talking to ourselves? It’s funny, I was talking to this friend and since we are both very close to our mom’s, we were discussing what they had to say about our situations and my friend began to tell me that his mom said “Tell her that you are no one’s second banana” and even though the expression is funny and we laughed when talking about it, it’s such a true statement that so many people can’t seem to live up to. No one should ever be anyone’s “second banana”. Why would we want to be with someone who doesn’t want just us? It’s ridiculous to think that we are capable of letting ourselves believe that it is ok to feel like anything other than someone’s everything. Yet, time and time again people let themselves slip into the role of second banana and then poking out your own eyeballs becomes more enjoyable than trying to get out. My suggestion is that people just stay away from each other and avoid all of the bullshit. On that note, I went on a date tonight. As far as dates can go it was good. The place was good, the conversation was good and the guy is a cuttie, BUT….well, you read what I just wrote, I am probably not in the greatest place to be dating – or maybe it’s the exact opposite.

Anyways, I have had some time off lately and kind of made Blockbuster my second home. If I lived in the States I would probably be single-handedly saving them from folding. I have fallen so behind on my movie watching lately that I shake my head at myself. So, in the last few days I rented Date Night, Leap Year, Kick -Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine, Wake and Killers. Date Night was good, pretty much exactly what I was expecting – I laughed an unnecessary amount when Steve Carell told Mark Whalberg to “shirt it up”. Leap Year was so bad that I didn’t even finish watching it, although I am pretty confident that I can tell you how it ends. Kick-Ass was, bloodier than I was expecting and felt kind of long, but it was entertaining for sure. Hot Tub Time Machine was good, but not as funny as what so many people were saying, BUT it had John Cusack in it and that makes any movie better. Wake was an indie and it was kind of ho-hum but it had Ian Somerhalder and him shirtless and a pretty good sex scene, so I was at least a little bit of a fan. Finally, there was Killers. I actually liked it despite Katherine Heigl being in it. I kind of really don’t like her. I would say on a scale of Hitler to Craig Ferguson she’s somewhere in the middle (yes, I like Hitler better than Craig Ferguson). Anyways, the movie won me over with Catherine O’Hara – she is so much funnier than she gets credit for and honestly plays the best “has it together” drunk I’ve seen.

I think I am done typing since it’s now almost 4:00 – apparently I am welcoming my insomniac self back.

Title: Kiss with a Fist – By: Florence and the Machine


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