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I’m Well Versed In How I Might Be Cursed, I Don’t Need It Articulated

Thank God for my friend Shane. We have been best buds for a very long time, but I feel like lately he has really been proving what a kickass friend he truly is – not that I needed it proved to me. I think I have said this a thousand times, but Shane is one of the funniest people (if not THE funniest person) that I know. All of these changes and ups and downs going on in my life, he is helping to keep me laughing and keep me sane. I think it helps that we are dealing with similar things right now and seem to be constantly talking each other through it all. Now, allow yourself a free stalkers pass into my life by looking at some pics…

So, my mom is in town – she is such a tourist. I took her downtown, walked around, showed her some shit, ate and shopped – she is currently sleeping like a baby because of such a “packed” day. Tomorrow I am taking her to see some live music at the Cameron House. The Pigott Brothers are playing there tomorrow and she is such a teenage girl when it comes to their music. Truthfully, I didn’t even know that they were playing this week when she was deciding when to come visit, but I am glad that she is going to get the most out of it. My mom has also taken the liberty to “really clean” things, as opposed to my just “cleaning”. What can ya do? She’s a germ-a-phobe -clean -freak . If anyone wants to come over and eat off my floors, you literally can.

Title: Machine Gun – By: Sara Bareilles


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