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We Are The Ever-Living Ghost Of What Once Was

I just found this pretty sweet remake today. Cee Lo Green (of “Fuck You” fame) remade one of my fave Band of Horses tunes –  No One’s Gonna Love You. Check it out hommies:

Tonight was supposed to consist of an art show at the Steamwhistle Brewery and yet somehow ended in a late night shower and ordering in Swiss Chalet. Sometimes I just can’t ignore my inner 80 year-old. When I came to the door, the driver felt the need to not only say “a single dinner” but then continued to ask what a young girl like myself was doing at home, eating alone. After my first thought of “is he going to risk his job and come in and rape me” left my mind, I immediately thought of spilling my guts by telling him that I am not out because I am once again unemployed and have to use my money sparingly and I am eating alone because the male population is my least favourite thing in the world right now. Instead, I made a joke about how I can’t eat in front of other people. This is when I looked at his confused face and laughed and then I realized that he was probably thinking that I might try to rape him – I have nothing to lose. Both of us couldn’t get out of the situation fast enough. Typical Wednesday night right there.

I love the Stills and so should you (or we can never date). I have decided that the next guy I date must also have a sexy accent. Not the “it’s so thick that it sounds like he has marbles in his mouth” kind, but the kind where even swear words sound sexy….I am not picky at all.

 Title: No One’s Gonna Love You – By: Band of Horses


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