They Say It’s Your Birthday, It’s My Birthday Too

In 18 hours the celebration of my birth commences. Having your party before your actual birthday is quite genius. This means that I can celebrate, yet still be 24 and then when I am actually 25 on the Monday no one will be paying attention and I won’t be reminded of this descent into quarter life. I have actually decided that as of Monday, Nicole is turning over a new leaf…and it all begins with referring to myself in the third person. In all honesty though, I am going to stop worrying about the number and just focus on my life in general. I mean so what my parents got me a cardboard box for my birthday and my mom said that she would be dead before I popped out a kid – I am going to focus on the now, because right now I have this lovely apartment and my biological clock hasn’t even thought about ticking. On another bright side, I have a kickass air mattress and you know that shit will make all of the other bums jealous. Popularity trumps having a roof over your head – ask anyone. Happy Birthday Celebration Day To Me!


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