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Whoa Is Me, I’m So Whoa

Shot some more photos with Christine again today. I am slowly getting used to being in front of a camera…not that I will need that skill ever again in my life but what can ya do. After a day of shooting with Christine, Halloween shopping (I am being a stupid-ass flapper – not only a lame costume, but a repeat…apparently I have been lame in previous years) and getting some eats, I came home and baked a cake at 11:30pm. Why? No idea. I had the stuff here and decided it was the perfect time to bake something. Anyways, let’s just say that no one will be calling me Betty Crocker anytime soon. While it is edible (I think) it looks like a drunk 5 yr old decided to use their Easy Bake Oven without the supervision of an adult. I took a pic of the cake just to prove to my future husband that I did try baking once and this is why I have never done it since. He will thank me when he’s older and not fat.

Anyways, here are some pics from today. This is me flexing my PR skills and pimping her out to whoever is reading this bad boy.


Title: Whoa is me – By: Down With Webster


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