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It Was A Graveyard Smash

Last night I went to the Steamwhistle Halloween Bash, I ended up dressing up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. I couldn’t find my flapper costume and had this short black wig with bangs so it worked out pretty perfectly to be her. I just needed to add a white blouse and black pants and done. I was actually surprised by how many people knew who I was…then again it is one of those movies that pretty much everyone has seen. I have pics from last night, but truthfully I am feeling far too lazy (and still slightly hungover) to post them right now. They will probably land on here tomorrow when I get bored and frustrated from applying for jobs online.

Tonight I am staying in and watching a “scary” movie with a boy who says that they actually scare him. I wonder if I could get away with renting Sex and the City 2…that is scary to some guys right? Oh well, I guess it makes sense to watch that kind of movie on Halloween – just so festive.

Happy Halloween!


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