There You Go Again Stuck In Your Head

Birthday party last night. It was a house party, which I love because it involves no money and just casual chilling with friends and you can still meet new people.

I wait for my friends to get drunk, then I pull the sneak attack with the camera. I have learned to master this approach. If I get them too soon in the night they complain that I am “always taking pictures” but if I get them a few drinks deep, they want nothing more than to be camera whores and ham it up.

For the record, Jack Daniels is nasty and I don’t condone it…

Even he hates it. Alas, he drinks…

Yes, that is a picture of himself and his cat on his shirt. Yes, it says “I can has hugzzzz, Pleazz…” Best birthday present ever?

Title: Sleepwalking – By: Erin McCarely


One thought on “There You Go Again Stuck In Your Head

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