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Cuz You’re Dope Girl

Conan is back. It’s pretty fantastic to have my favourite ginger back, especially with that scruff he is sporting (grrr…is it weird that I am actually attracted to him on some level? Whatever). Anyways, his first episode back was actually not that good, but maybe it was because I was dead tired and literally passed out the second he thanked his guests at the end. Last night’s episode was far better. That sketch where he asked the dude from TBS what things he could say was mint.

So my friend Shane is currently homeless (don’t ask) and he’s coming to live with me for a while starting tonight. Not sure for how long, but I am going to go on a limb and say until Dec 1st.

These photos are pretty old, but I feel that they accurately depict our friendship…or something like that. I remember this day. It was second year of university and everyone was home for Christmas (a.k.a everyone came back to me because I never left) and Shane and my friend Christine came over to my parents house. This was a time before I had a digital camera, so naturally I forced Christine to use hers like it was my own. Apparently I was a camera nazi before I even owned one. There are so many damn pictures from this day. After the initial twenty Shane looks like he might pass out from camera flash, Christine looks incredibly over it and I look like a hockey mom at her son’s first game. I have my “smile for the camera as much as I say or I will kill you” face on. I have learned to hide that over the years – shoulda been an actress.

Anyways, Shane is moving in and since most of you (probably all of you) have never seen my apartment you may not understand any posts over the next three weeks that  describe the ways in which I plan on killing Shane in his sleep. Don’t call the cops, it’s just the “overcrowded small apartment living with a guy who is not your boyfriend” syndrome kicking in….I will be okay.

Titel: She’s Dope – By: Down With Webster


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