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Baby Baby It’s A Wild World

Went home to Ptbo for a few days at the beginning of the week, had some things to get in order (which translates to I needed to get warmer clothes that I had left behind). Dadsy graciously offered to drive me back (ever since that guy got murdered on the GreyHound he has been anti-bus). On the drive back to T.O, my dad gave me the greatest father-daughter talk. My dad decided to tell me a lengthy story about his experiences with LSD. Apparently raindrops turned into flowers and stars “never looked more amazing”. Hearing about his wild days from when he was a teen and in his early twenties is always funny, because he is so straightedge now. I mean he drinks once in a while, but when it comes to drugs of any kind he doesn’t even like taking a Tylenol.

That’s all. Just wanted to update everyone that my father liked his drugs back in the day.

Title: Wild World – By: Cat Stevens


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