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But Everything Looks Better When The Sun Goes Down

I currently have the stomach flu and it’s less than spectacular. I haven’t had the flu since I was little and now I remember why I used to hate it so much. Puking – not one of my favourite ways to pass the time…thankfully the actual vomiting has subsided and now I just feel like I am going through a week-long hangover. The worst part of this whole thing is that the last actual meal I ate before the vomiting kicked in was pizza and now every time I think about it I feel soooo sick. I hope this reaction goes away, kind of like the incredibly annoying feeling you get towards a person when a relationship ends. You know, one minute you want to smush their face every time you think about them and then before you know it you see them one day and have a normal person reaction to them – it no longer bothers you. I hope pizza goes this way because truthfully I enjoy it more than most guys.

Anyways, I have been spending my days eating soda crackers and soup while watching bad television….it’s to be expected, right?. In my sickness I still managed to apply for my dream job the other day. I went pretty hardcore on my application since I literally have nothing to lose. The only shitty thing is that the deadline for the job isn’t until January, and well, I kind of need employment asap. We shall see… maybe they will be so charmed by my witty creativeness, solid resume and stellar references and stop looking for anyone else. Yes, illness and insomnia will make you delusional.

Since I have been watching such an unnecessary amount of television lately, I just want to state that I am sooooo sick (no pun intended) of hearing about the chick marrying the prince and what the flip she is going to wear. I am sorry, but who f’ing cares? Clearly a lot of people, I just don’t understand why – seriously, someone explain this to me. I am also over hearing about Eva Longoria and her divorce – it’s Hollywood, therefore it’s a given. The dude cheating on her is sadly also kind of a given….even if he seemed nice. News flash media, nice guys cheat too. That is my rant for the week – I am sick and on tv overload, not to mention my diet of crackers and fluids is making me cranky. Cannot wait to bite into something greasy and snack on a mass amount of chocolate.

The chick from Gossip Girl who sings this song is pretty annoying on the show, but I gotta admit this song is catchy, non? But, honey you are 16…try keeping your clothes on for at least a few more years – legal age even. What would the Who’s think of this? Tisk Tisk.

Title: Make Me Wanna Die – By: The Pretty Reckless


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