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We’re Looking For Something Dumb To Do

I finally got the tree decorated and added some Christmas decorations to my apartment. Want a look-see? You’re getting it regardless…

Not too shabby for my first kick at the can. It actually looks better in real life because the lights are brighter and you aren’t looking at it on an angle..

Last night I went to the Red Room with my friend Whitlow and he attempted to show me how to use chop sticks. It honestly looked like it was my first day of life or that he was graciously taking out his retarded little sister. I plan on mastering them just to say that I did, but realistically why use two sticks of wood when there is a perfectly good fork that can twirl the hell out of Pad Thai sitting right in front of you? There is also the fact that I eat very few foods that would warrant chop sticks…I think that Pad Thai might be one of the only things to be honest. Alas, I will find my way around a pair of chop sticks, I may or may not have an excess of spare time on my hands.

I have a giant goose egg on my head today because I whacked my head off my ceiling last night. How does one manage to hit their head off their ceiling when they stand at a very intimidating 5’5 you ask? Well I stood on my bed to grab a necklace off of my lamp that was on the other side of my room and walking around the bed seemed like too much effort. Anyways, I grabbed the necklace and put it on, then I turned around with my head down (as I was adjusting the length) and when it was where I wanted it, I lifted my head only to forget that part of the ceiling in my room juts down to hide whatever is underneath it. Nicole’s head meet Nicole’s ceiling. I collapsed on my bed while expressing my pain through loudly repeating various obscenities and then my hypochondria set in. I called my mom to ask her if she thought  I might be bleeding internally and going to die or at the very least stroke out. She laughed and told me not to go to sleep right away in case I was concussed. A concussion never even crossed my mind…probably because that is a normal person reaction and that’s not really my thing. I texted Shane, because being a fellow hypochondriac I felt like he would be one of the few people who would understand my fear, irrational as it may have been. Unfortunately for me he ignored my text. Bastard. How bad would he have felt if he came home to find me dead from my head trying to make friends with my ceiling. My dad called me this morning and said “Oh my God, you’re alive”. Asshole. Haha. I feel sorry for my future boyfriend, although I am sure that he will find my hypochondria tendencies charming…just like the rest of me.

Title:  Marry You – By: Bruno Mars


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