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Eyes To Be Carrying That Smile You’ve Been Wearing

“By the ambulance light we decided to stay awake for the fear that we wouldn’t meet someone else to greet”

Holidays are winding down, I’ve never eaten so much food in my life and I am starting to get a little eager/anxious to start this new job of mine. I am probably one of the few people who is looking forward to the holidays ending so that the usual grind can ensue. Let’s just say I have had my share of lounging around in the past few months and I am ready to pop back into reality – a reality that comes with an actual purpose to my days and of course a pay cheque. I am also getting antsy to get back into the city…I can’t take as much of the ol’ hometown as I used to, not to mention the fact that the majority of my friends now reside in T.O and Shane has already warned me that he left my place “messy”. If Shane is saying that it is messy then that means it is a disaster. It’s always good to know that the first thing you get to do when you return home is unpack and then clean an entire apartment – thank God it’s tiny. It also looks like I am going to be having this roommate of mine for at least January. I wonder how much Shane is going to love getting woken up at 7 am five days a week? Probably as much as I am going to love tip-toeing around the air mattress and boy in the middle of my livingroom/kitchen while trying to get ready for work. I say at the end of January one of us turns up dead. My money is on the guy residing in my kitchen.

Title: When the Night Came and Took Us – By: Hayden


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