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It’s So Many Miles & So Long Since I’ve Met You

Got home early (what! what!) and decided to flip on Oprah. Surprise, surprise she is doing a segment on happiness (I find that her show either makes me want to do more with my life or sit on the couch and sob – I blame Oprah for all the bipolarness in the world). Anyways, according to the show the following  things will make me happier.

1. Taking time out every day to sit in silence – I can see how this would bring about a calming feeling and when I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I just sat in the silence and allowed my brain to shut off. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep there is noise – I even blast music while I am in the shower. I am going to give this one a go and see what happens.

2. Have more sex – Don’t even get me started….

3. Have a child – Um, this is a show on happiness right? Are you trying to get me to kill myself Oprah?  Geez woman.

4. Have a good group of friends – This is a given but, check!

5. Reduce commute timeI have this covered. My commute time is minimal.

Also I should apparently move to San Luis Obispo (?) and become either a firefighter, travel agent, clergy or special education teacher. The only job on that list that I would even consider is travel agent and that is because of the sweet discounts you’d get for your own traveling. Dude on there said “Bliss over bucks” and I tend to agree. I have never desired to be rich. I rather be comfortable and love what I am doing than rich and hate five out of seven days every week – what kind of life is that?

Title: Train Song – By: Feist and Ben Gibbard


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