Even Let Ya Hold The Remote Control

So, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon (less than 2 weeks is soon right?) and I have personally never cared for it. Why do we set aside one specific day to tell that “special someone” we love them by buying them something? When I think about good times in my past relationships, Valentine’s day does not make an appearance. It does however bring up the very special memory of the time my first serious boyfriend got me stretch gloves, two bags of chips (one of which I was advised was his), Easter themed candy and a lottery ticket. I was 19 at the time and I remember thinking that not only did I wish for this boy to spontaneously combust, but that Valentine’s Day was a waste of time. If I am going to put time and energy into a relationship, then I want to feel appreciated and loved every day, not having to wait around until Feb 14th to feel validated. Trust me, if you are only getting someone’s full attention on special occasions, then you may want to consider checking out, because clearly they have.

I also think that the whole notion that single people are bitter and angry over this day is way overplayed. If anything I prefer Valentine’s Day when I am single. I don’t have to spend money on someone and I don’t feel forced to squeeze in time for someone else just because the calendar says I have to. I do however get to buy chocolate at a cheaper price and I can fully indulge in my love for silly romantic comedies because they are all over the television during this time.

And now, the two very real sides of love, compliments of Adam Sandler.

This card is the best.

By the way, that lottery ticket that the old boyfriend bought me ended up being a winner. I won just enough money to buy food that I would later that night have to cook for us. Ah, Valentine’s Day memories…

Title: Grow Old With You – By: Adam Sandler


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