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It Doesn’t Really Mean That I’m Into You…

Kind of obsessed with this song:

Had a job interview today. I think it went pretty well – easy-going atmosphere for sure. The job is for an Investment Banking firm, which is kind out of my realm, but I am looking to make some changes in my life so it’s kind of perfect. Plus, there’s the whole office full of guys in suits…not hard to be around that. The firm is relatively small, about 10 people work there and of that 10 only one of them is a girl. I think I need to come in and up the vagina to penis ratio. I met every person that worked there and they were all super friendly and chill. The president and CEO dropped an F-Bomb during the interview and I was instantly at ease. Would be a sweet place to work and just the change I am looking for. Fingers crossed everyone (whether you care or not, do me this solid k?!)

Title: Hello – By: Martin Solveig Feat. Dragonette


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