A Friend And Companion I Can Always Depend On


Mothers day today – the rents came to town so I could celebrate it with my ma.  Mom and dad loved the cake, in fact if my dad’s piece would have been any bigger the cake would have been gone. Personally, chocolate is the only cake that does it for me – chocolate with French vanilla icing. That is the kind I was going to make, but it’s probably for the best that I didn’t because I know what I would have been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow.


My parents seemed really happy and kind of sappy lovey today. While this is kind of cute, I prefer them when they act dysfunctionally in love – it’s one of my favourite things about them as a couple… You’d have to be close to me to understand what I mean, but think Bonnie and Clyde without the stealing and killing (so basically not Bonnie and Clyde but feel free to continue to think of them).

It was good to see my p’s. Although I don’t live that far from them, I still don’t get to see them that often and yeah I am one of those “cheesy” people who loves my parents and has a tight relationship with them – to a point I do consider them friends. They are pretty stellar individuals.

Title: My Mother – By: The Chipettes


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