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For You I’d Write A Symphony

Here is a snippet of the video I helped my friend out with.

Checking to make sure that my skirt wasn’t flying everywhere and showing the goods. Fortunately, at the 11 or 12 second mark of this vid it looks like I am not checking my skirt but rather picking a wedgie.,which, as you know, is super hot. I think I would have rather showed the goods.

In the Patch this weekend. Last night I went to my friend’s Jack and Jill (which I have decided I am never having if I get married). I always love having the majority of my good friends in the same room at the same time, because unfortunately, it happens less and less as we get older.  I plan to spend the rest of my weekend playing with my camera and vegging out in front of the tv because the rents get way better channels than what I have access to at my apartment. Another plus of being home is how much my parents always miss me and the fact that I can take advantage of that and get almost anything I want. I came home and the groceries were pretty sub-par so I made a list of things I wanted and what do you know, dadsy ran out and got it all for me. I haven’t eaten this well since….the last time I was home. I do have to make certain sacrifices though – like watching an hour or so of boring ass golf with my dad. Fortunately, there is a player who is quite easy on the eyes. Truthfully, and if anyone ever brings this up I will deny it, but what started out as watching so I could benefit from it and because Martin Kaymer is hot, turned into to me making ooh and awws when shots were good or bad. I was paying attention and starting to care…so I left the room. I refuse to be a golf watcher – refuse.

Title: Somebody To Love – By: Cast of Glee


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