Life’s Too Short To Be Sittin’ ‘Round Miserable

This show – can’t wait for it.

My friend told me that the part where she does her little spaz, happy dance reminded her of me…I actually thought the same thing when I first saw it. I’ve mentioned my retardedness before haven’t I?

There are a few other shows that I am looking forward to as well (but will more than likely forget about come the fall)

One, being The Ringer for the sole reason that Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is finally back on TV after 8 years.

And then there is a new show coming out called 2 Broke Girls and it stars Kat Dennings, whom I love. Dennings has been in a ton of great, yet underrated movies (Charlie Bartlett, Day Dream Nation etc) and her characters are usually sarcastic, which I love.

There is also the fact that Whitney Cummings is an executive producer and I find her hilar.

Title: Cheers – By: Rhianna


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