A Picture Of You Holding A Picture Of Me

Ray LaMontgne last night. Hands down the best concert I have ever been to (music wise). Even the rather large lady beside me, that smelled like 10-day old deodorant and felt the need to clap and yell directly in my ear, couldn’t distract me from the awesomeness that was his concert (I understood why she was by herself though). Like a proper gentleman, Ray did not keep me waiting. Hold You In My Arms was the second one he played in his set. A lot of his songs are rather chill and slow but he managed to bust out quite a few of his more upbeat stuff which was a nice mix. The one thing I could not understand, was how so many people were in one room, listening to unbelievable music and just sat there like lumps – not a bob or a sway to the beat. My body literally cannot not move when I hear music. Even if it is a subtle movement I can’t keep still….I don’t know how others do it. Par for the course, one of the few people in my section that was keeping time with the music was the large ogre in front of me. Every time he swayed Ray went in and out of view. I wanted to smack him in his large ogre head but I had to appreciate the fact that he clearly had good taste in music and like me, couldn’t stop his body from showing his enjoyment.
Ray (we are on a first name basis now) did not speak much and when he did it was so kind and soft spoken – I have a soft spot for shy guys. I went in and out of thinking about how much trouble I would get into if I jumped on stage. I remember being at Virgin Fest in the summer of ’08 and the crowds were so pushy that the group of people I was with ended up getting pushed right to the front of the stage and it was for Oasis. I am sure everyone has heard what happened at that concert – a drunk tard decided to jump on stage and tackle one of the Gallagher brothers (I can’t remember which one) and at the time I remember seeing him as he did it and thinking “What the fuck is this asshole doing? Doesn’t he know how touchy those guys are” (I still can’t believe they came back on – they have left a stage for a lot less in the past). Anyways, while watching Ray I thought of that guy and started to understand him a little more…but I doubt that guy jumped the stage because he wanted have sex with one of the Gallagher brothers.
I didn’t take any pictures because the usher by our row was the biggest Nazi I have ever seen. He was on people with cameras like I wanted to be on Ray. I recorded some audio (Hold you In My Arms – obviously) but that’s all I could get.
Aside from Ray, the opening act – Brandi Carlile, was pretty amazing. I enjoyed every song she sang and truthfully did not want her to leave the stage when she did. I am definitely a fan. I wonder how hard it will be to find her CD. I guess I could do the itunes route but I hate doing that…I like having the actual tangible CD.
Enjoy two of my favourite songs that she sang last night. If you don’t enjoy her, I seriously question your taste in music and obviously that is how I judge people (joking. I’ll leave that to the hipsters).
Title: Jolene – By: Ray LaMontagne

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