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Forever On The Outside Never Getting Inside

I know that this album is two years old and that hipsters will scoff and question why I hadn’t heard much from them before they “sold out and went mainstream” when they lent their song to a Heineken commercial (FYI I had heard Golden Age before said commercial, I just never investigated their music beyond my initial introduction).
Blah, Blah, Blah. If you haven’t heard of The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, I highly suggest that you take a listen to their album Fruit. I downloaded it the other night and cannot stop listening. This is the kind of music that will instantly put you in a good mood (or compliment you’re already great mood if that is what you are sporting). The tunes are catchy, the lyrics are phenom and the lead singer is just all around cool. I want to be her when I grow up. Aside from Golden Age (which probably everyone has heard by now thanks to beer promotion) the song Lady Jesus is my fave, so naturally it is the song I decided to feature on today’s blog. If you haven’t been exposed to the new Heineken commercials just yet, then you can take a listen to Golden Age a few posts down on my blog.
And not that anyone cares but I am having the best day. Why is it so great? I really have no idea. It kind of started last night. This happy/content feeling came over me while I was watching my third consecutive episode of How I Met Your Mother (that show is my therapy). Then I woke up this morning with that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are excited about going somewhere or seeing someone (FYI I am not going anywhere or seeing anyone) and it keeps coming in waves today as I sit at work. The only thing I can think of is the few decisions I have made lately that are clearly impacting my life more than I thought they would. I guess it makes sense though; when you make decisions and get rid of the back and forth in your life, there is going to be a sense of calm and clarity that you will obtain. I feel like I am starting over… or starting new…the works better (although both sound a little cheese-town). Whatever the case may be, I am not going to question whatever is going on, sometimes it’s in ones best interest to just go with it.
BTW – who is excited for The Tony’s this Sunday? This girl! Okay, excited is a bit extreme but I am looking forward to them. Truthfully, I really don’t care about the actual awards, I just love me some Neil Patrick Harris. Which reminds me, did anyone see him on Letterman last night? It was almost MTV awards awkward. Dave didn’t seem to care about anything beyond figuring out the process of how two gay men have children. Seriously, dude – it’s not rocket science and wtf does it have to do with him hosting The Tony’s? NPH seemed uncomfortable. I think ol’ Davey boy is letting his increasing age get to him.
Title: Lady Jesus – By: The Asteroid Galaxy Tour

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