To Capture The Moment Like A Nikon

Sleep. I got none of this last night. There was no off switch for my brain. I bounced between writting and thinking about how I want to paint and redecorate my apartment (after living there for almost a year I finally got the A-Ok to go ahead and slap some personality on my walls). I sketched out some ideas for the mural that I want to paint on my main wall and then I tried to process in my head how I will do this since I am not even quite sure how good my painting skills are. I was actually pleasantly surprised by my sketches. I always made fun of myself, saying that my drawing skills piqued in the first grade but they aren’t too shabby. I mean, I am not going to start charging people money to draw their portraits (although I totally will, just know that people will ask if your nephew/niece drew it) but my sketches of scenic stuff would pass for at least a 15-year-old.
I have also been cooking up a road trip in my head. I don’t know for how long (I’ll ask how much time off would get me fired then dial it down a notch from there) or where I am going, but I am determined to go. I have been gently coercing my friend Alyson to go with me (she seemed to think me using the words gun and force was not gentle – I guess we can just agree to disagree on that one). I told her I would love her more and start telling other people that she is my best friend. She said I sounded like her boyfriend the first time he tried to have sex with her, but I mean he got some loving and 10 years later they are still together, so clearly this tactic works for everyone involved. I know she needs the escape just as much as I do so convincing her shouldn’t be that hard. I will leave the whole “I want to take photos the whole time and go on hikes” part until I have her trapped in the car. For some reason, I think her idea of a road trip involves several stops and several beers. Not that I am opposed to beer but I also want to take in our surroundings and do some things I would not have the chance to do just kicking around Toronto the entire summer.
Speaking of photos, I downloaded Lightroom the other day and I have just been having far too much fun exploring it. I swear, there are times when I think I could go a whole week without emerging from my apartment when I have things like that to occupy me.
Title: Whoa Is Me – By: Down With Webster

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