I Know When It Changed For Me A Day In June You Came To Me

So, I have been hearing good things about Moroccan Oil for hair lately. On an impulse I purchased some (along with shampoo and conditioner that contains Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil – which is also supposed to be great for your hair). I say impulse buy because the stuff is not cheap, yet I snatched it up like it was going for $1.00. Usually, I am pretty sceptical about beauty products of any kind but I thought well, these products are organic, so at the very least I am helping the environment in some small way.
I used the shampoo, conditioner and oil for the first time this morning and I do notice a difference. Even when I was drying my hair it felt softer between my fingers. The actual oil has left my hair feeling so soft and seemed to tame a lot of the humidity-induced frizz that I had been sporting lately. As an added bonus, my hair smells pretty amazing. Since I decided to grow my hair out long (it’s currently just flowing over the shoulder area and this is the length it always gets to when I get scissor happy and start the process all over again) I am really into making it as healthy-looking as possible. I have increased my water consumption, upped my veggie/fruit intake and recently purchased some Omega 3 vitamins. In my quest for nice-looking hair I guess my body is getting healthier too…but let’s be honest, I do it all for my hair.
You can pick up Moroccan Oil at most drugstores and even health stores (which is where I got mine). Definitely don’t go straight for the cheapest thing you can find – read the label. I am not by any means a health nut, but I figure that if something is all-natural and has ingredients that I can pronounce and I know have not been chemically altered then it is probably going to help my hair out more in the long run.
As for prices, mine was $30+ but I have seen some at the drugstore for $15+. Again, I would just do a little investigating in terms of the ingredients and be the judge from there.
If you see me on the street feel free to touch or smell my hair – I welcome it*
*I don’t actually welcome it, I will probably punch you.
Title: Caroline – By: Brandi Carlile

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