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She Said Watch Your Back I’m Nobodies Girlfriend

Went to Center Island on the weekend. I had planned on taking a bunch of pictures but plans and I have a horrible relationship and it did not end up happening. I went with my friend Whitlow and we had a little picnic of sorts then we rented bikes to see more of the island and then it started to pour….while we were biking around. It was so warm out that I actually enjoyed riding in the rain, looking at all of the little cottage-like houses. Being out in the rain is severely underrated. Watching people scramble as if they were going to melt into non-existence was also enjoyable.

I bought the Matt Nathanson album on Friday for a whole $10 and it’s pretty good. Every time I purchase a CD people always look at me and say “people still buy Cd’s” like they are offended that I physically took my body over to a store that sells music to purchase an album from an artist that I enjoy. Not everyone is an iTunes junkie. Personally, I have never used iTunes and probably won’t until record stores become absolete…which is probably in the not-so-distant future.

Title: Modern Love – By: Matt Nathanson


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