One By One They Lay The World At My Feet One By One They Go Away

I really wish that they would stop showing previews for the movie One Day. I am just shy of being halfway through the book and these previews are filling in holes that I want left open. I guess it is my fault for purchasing the book a mere month before it hits theatres (and also for taking my sweet-ass time reading it) but in my defence, I had no idea the timeframe of it arriving on the big screen. From now on, I am just going to close my eyes and plug my ears the same way I do when a commercial speaking out about animal abuse comes on (yes, I am aware that changing the channel would be more effective, but I turn into a total spaz when trying to change the channel and not look at the screen at the same time. It’s like doing cartwheels – simple for most, unattainable for me).

Something has been bothering for a few days now and I have to ask – why does the cover of the movie Soul Surfer hide the girls’ mangled arm and show a half eaten surf board? To me, that tells the story of a surf board that must overcome being half-eaten by a skinny blond chick…which I might actually pay to see.

I am currently watching the Teen Choice Awards and eating vanilla icing straight out of the container. That pretty much sums up my life right now. Prior to my sugar binge and guiltless choice of tv, I took myself to Chapters and bought two books, because trying to get through Bossy Pants, One Day and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang all at the same time just wasn’t enough. I bought a book that is all about my Canon camera and how I can get the most out of it (you think watching teen shows and eating junk food in the least sophisticated way allows me time to take photography classes? Probably….) The other book is called The Happiness Project. I think finding the happy in life’s daily grind and just changing my frame of mind about certain things is exactly what I need right now. For the last month, I was feeling like my life was heading in a certain direction, that I felt very comfortable with BUT in typical Nicole fashion, it took a detour faster than I can get off my ass when someone says the word chocolate (translation – nothing is faster). There are certain circumstances surrounding this “detour” that make it a little more complicated and quite frankly awkward, BUT on top of writing the word “but” in capital letters, I am going to try and roll with this change in circumstances. If I am honest with myself, this sudden change is for the best. Unfortunately, I am the type of person that fixates on something that I need an answer to (whether I actually need it or not). I have a hard time letting things just be what they are, but this is exactly what I am going to do this time around. I make no indefinite promises though – I’m an answer seeker by nature.

Title: Kiss Quick – By: Matt Nathanson


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