I Set My Soul To Sleep Beneath Your Shoes

It’s been almost two months since my last post. I got into a funk. Not an “Oh my God is she drunk and crying again?” funk, but rather a state of being uninspired. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. There is something oddly comforting in settling into a routine, even if its not the one that you want for yourself. Becoming complacent with an semi-charmed life is something I do not want. I want to be fully charmed and I don’t care who thinks that is unattainable or over-reaching. Last night someone said to me “Don’t stop writing” and it really struck a chord in me – it was a standout in my night. Then again, the latter part of my night is pretty fuzzy – someone should have said “Don’t stop writing…but you should probably stop drinking”. When will I learn that not eating dinner is no way to start a night of drinking? Eat before you drink is as useful as “pee before you leave the house” and “look both ways before you cross the street”. My parents really dropped the ball on that one. Amateurs.

Anyways, after those few encouraging words were uttered to me last night I got to thinking that I should return to that whole “write a novel” idea I had. So today I sat down and drew up an entire outline of not just what I want it to be about, but what I want to achieve with it. The more I wrote, the more questions I had for myself. How much of me was going to go into the main character? How much of the others in my life would go into the supporting characters? What would the overall tone be? What do I want the reader (aka most likely just my mother) to feel when they (she) read it? I typed every random thought that came to me and then went back and separated the gibberish from the potentially useful material. I think I have a pretty solid idea and now I just have to get down to the business of writing it, procrastination be damned. I am also setting a goal to write on here once a day, even if it is the smallest thing. I need to keep motivated. I need to keep replaying “Don’t stop writing” in my head. I need to tell the world that Cold FX doesn’t work. First cold of the season is steadily setting in and along with it comes my extremely sexy grandpa voice. I expect a line of gentleman callers to form outside of my house any minute now.

Title: You – By: Two Sheds


One thought on “I Set My Soul To Sleep Beneath Your Shoes

  1. I love your blog, you should add an RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you set one up please email me! i will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!

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