Some Things Are Meant To Be

The idea of fate excites me. Fate is this interesting mix of comfort and anxiousness. Comfort in feeling that what is meant to be will be and the anxiousness of not knowing what that “meant to be” is. I rely on the idea that the universe is constantly working to push and pull us all towards a destiny of sorts. This is not to say that I use the idea of fate as a crutch, but it is there with me when things feel like they are never going to turn around. Believe in what you will and who you will but believe in something. If you have something bigger than yourself to believe in then all of the bullshit in between the greatness of life will not weigh as heavy. I am a person that always needs an answer – I am constantly asking “why?” Unfortunately, life does not owe us these answers so I just have to believe that there are reasons behind why I did not land that “perfect” job in my field or why that seemingly great would-have-been relationship didn’t work out. Call it being at the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time but no matter how you look at it the stars just did not align. My mother is relatively religious and every Sunday she watches a show called “Joel Osteen”. One Sunday after I had spent the previous night dumping all of my “problems” on her, she called and told me to watch. Generally, I have mixed feelings about these types of shows – being preached to in a single-minded fashion is not my thing. Alas, I gave her this because it was the least I could do after 26 years of her devoting the majority of her time to me. As I listened I realized that he was talking about the same idea of fate and destiny. His message was plain and simple – if we just have faith in fate we will have even more than what we have even imagined for ourselves. It struck me that I had never thought that the reason that I rarely seem to get what I want is because I am meant for something more. The fact that even the little things we do in life can create a snowball effect in our futures almost abolishes the idea that there are mundane acts in our lives. The pointless become charmed. There is nothing pointless in life. Everything has a purpose. Everyone has a purpose. It’s all relative. It’s all fate.

Title: Fools Rush In – By: Ingrid Michaelson


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