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I’ll Be Laughing At All Of Your Silly Little Jokes

So it begins…Part 2

“About a year ago I had set a “no cut and no dye” rule for myself. This rule was established just to prove to myself that I could stick to something. After the year that I had had, I was actually pleasantly surprised that I had been able to stick to the au natural route when it came to my hair. Sadly, this was probably my greatest achievement of the past year and this is why I had to make some changes. Unfortunately, I could not rely on my friend procrastination for this one. No, this was something that required immediate attention. I took one final look in the mirror, rubbed me eyes and headed back to the futon. Maybe immediate attention was a little drastic. Sleep required immediate attention, changing my life required me to get through my day, plunk myself back on my futon and call my mother.”

I am currently watching Private Practice because I am bored and there is nothing else on (sleep is for the weak). I don’t know if this is something that the show decided to grab out of their ass and try to pass as plausible, but apparently you can give someone your uterus. YOUR FLIPPING UTERUS. Am I late to the party on this one? I wonder how much I could get for mine…knowing my track records with guys I probably won’t ever need it so I might as well sell it and then roll around in the dolla dolla bills ya’ll.


Title: Five Years Time – Noah And The Whale 





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