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I Know That You’re Clever And I Don’t Ask For Much

I found my dream apartment today. My dream apartment that is somehow in my price range. Do you know how often that happens?!?! Seriously, I would like to know. I am thinking not that often because I have been on a hardcore search for a new place for months now (and since I began plotting the deaths of the people who live above me). I can almost guarantee that most of the world’s serial killers lived in a basement apartment and had to listen to the people above them reenact things that they saw at a Blue Man Group show while wearing hard-soled slippers. Sleep is one of my favourite things and very near and dear to my heart, so when I don’t get as much as I want or need and have to fit it in around someone else’s schedule, well it turns me into a bitch. Anyways, today I finally found an apartment that I am really excited about. Unfortunately, there is some whore checking it out right before me. Since I am relatively sure that I will love this place more than any boy I have ever known (and quite possibly all pets and family members) I already printed out my references, letter of employment and credit check. I want to be ready to literally fill out the rental application on the spot and give the landlord everything she needs before leaving the building. The thought of living in this place actually makes me a little giddy. It would be so nice to walk into my building, which is about 5 minutes from my office (with 24 hour concierge) hit the gym, pool, yoga room or sauna and then leisurely stroll back to my apartment and go to sleep at 9pm sans the sound of the Blue Man Group above my head.


Title: Every Time You Go – By: Ellie Goulding 


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