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I Wanna Make You Hate Me Then Change Your Mind

It’s Saturday, which means I’ve popped a painkiller to numb the tendonitis in my foot (thanks for the early Christmas gift Santa) and am watching my 6th straight episode of my boyfriend’s TV show. You may have heard of him, his name is Daniel Tosh and I think it is safe to say that things are getting pretty serious between us.

Before you get all hipster and tell me how you knew about him soooo many years ago, yes I have also seen his show, Tosh.0, prior to 2011. In the past however, it was usually late at night when I was half asleep yet still alert enough to know that his show was something my eyes and ears (and eventually lower regions of my body) wanted to be a part of.

Anyways, I really became a fan (and a girlfriend) of his when I was wasting last Saturday cowering Netflix and came across his stand-up Completely Serious and realized that he was one of the funniest comics I have watched in a really long time (cast of Modern Family aside). His humour is not for everyone, as it is extremely sarcastic and offensive, but as I have come to realize I get offended by literally nothing. I wonder if I am missing that same sensitivity chip that Jennifer Aniston said Brad Pitt was missing? It would make sense as both Brad and I are blond, ridiculously good looking, belong to a fight club and allow Angelina Jolie to raise our children.

I am basically Brad Pitt....

Aside from the high-level of comedic entertainment that his low-level of tact provides, he is also the ideal man. Again, he may not be everyone’s ideal man but he is mine (clearly, since we are dating and all). Tosh is tall, slender, good looking (but not aggressively good looking – I like to be the prettiest in my relationships) and funny as hell and really those are my only requirements in a guy. Although, judging by the guys I have dated as of late you’d probably question me on that. Hey, everyone has their low points. Sometimes it’s fun to “settle” for a short period of time just to prove to yourself that you can. It is the reassurance that you may need if you find yourself 45 and still alone. I should really become an inspirational speaker. That Last Lecture guy would have nothing on me (yes, I know he is dead, but he is still stiff competition).

Anyways, I highly suggest that you check out both Completely Serious and Happy Thoughts but only if you don’t get offended easily. You have been warned. I also suggest that you click the link below (title of this blog post). If you haven’t noticed, all post titles come from a song and I suggest you take a listen. I only pick great songs and I know this because I have excellent taste in music. I am an expert in music as I listen to a ton of it because I find it helps drown out the ongoing “let’s see how much noise we can make today” competition that the people who live above me always seem to be having. I hope they pick a winner soon….and I hope the prize is being shot in the foot by me. In my eyes they are all winners.

Title: We Can’t Be Friends – By: Lorene Scafaria 


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