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“Glowing” Is The Watchword

Lately, a lot of people have been telling me that I look like I am glowing (insert random pregnancy jokes here). Since I am equal parts vain and giving, I wanted to share that yes, my skin has been in great shape lately and the ways in which I can help you achieve it by letting you in on my not-so-secret secrets.

The first and probably most important change that I have made is completely free. Water….and lots of it.  Being a pop addict (it’s bad) when I was thirsty or about to indulge in a delicious meal I would reach for pop. I don’t think I need to tell anyone how bad excessive amounts of pop is for you (in terms of upping free radicals and the whole it can make you fat thing) I never really thought about how it was effecting my skin. Now, I am not going to say that I no longer drink pop, I still drink it far more than I should (like me, it’s a work in progress) but I swap it for water far more often and even when I am not thirsty I will drink some refreshing H20. I make a conscious decision to sip it all day at work and while there is that slight annoyance of visiting the ladies room at the rate of a coke addict, the benefits far outweigh the whole peeing every hour thing. My face has cleared up (not that I ever had a huge problem with acne) it has become softer and smoother and yeah, I do have a glow to me. Side benefits also include softer hair and my body very rarely confuses thirst for hunger since I am keeping my body fully hydrated throughout the day.

Now onto the items that help lighten the load of your wallet.


Like water, vitamins are just part of my daily routine. Not only do I feel better when I take them (haven’t had a cold in almost a year, when I used to get one every three to four months) I look better. They have helped me maintain my ideal weight (key word there is helped), allowed my hair to grow at a faster rate than normal and upped the moisture in my body. Everyone has different needs and require different supplements that will compliment those needs so you should always have these needs determined by  a professional. My current list of vitamins include:

Omega-3 with Wild Salmon and Fish Oils – This vitamin is great for the hair, skin and overall health. I highly suggest this bad boy. Try to find a brand that promises no fishy repeats. When I started using this vitamin I spent the first couple of weeks wondering why it tasted like shrimp every time I burped. Yes, it took me a few weeks to put two and two together. Yes, I am a natural blond.

Vitamin C – Goodbye colds. This vitamin also helps activate vitamin D, which leads me to….

Vitamin D – I found out I was low in this which is what sparked my initial purchase. I like the idea that it is helping protect my teeth and bones since I am pretty fond of both.

Vitamin B6-B12 with Folic Acid – And I quote “Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Helps to form red blood cells” That is pretty much an orgasm in writing.

And finally Biotin – This has been my most recent addition to the line up. Now, I know that most people are not deficient in Biotin but I have heard so many people rave about how good it is for your hair, skin and nails so I figure I will try it for a few months and if I notice a difference I will keep it in rotation and if I don’t, well that’s less money dwindling for my ever-so sacred bank account. You’re welcome TD Canada Trust.


Let’s start with the face cleansing line-up since I believe it to be the most important (yes, I know it is not makeup but it’s like the primer for makeup so it’s going in this column). I have tried about a million and one different facial cleansers and have never really fell in love until recently, when I met Aveeno. In the past, most cleansers that cleared my acne left my face feeling like a desert. Products that moisturized gave me zits and you probably know the story. This is when I decided to give Aveeno a try, in particular their “Positively Radiant” line.

For me, it’s a three-step process. I use the cleanser, then the toner and finish off with the moisturizer that has an SPF-30 in it. I love the look of a glowing tan but I rather protect my skin now and look younger for longer than be bronzed for four months out of the year while in my 20’s…..but that’s just me. This line leaves my skin soft and radiant. It’s an instant perk-me-up. I highly suggest this product. Prices of the three products range from $19.99 – $26.99 which is pretty decent considering how happy I am with the results. Also, Shoppers seems to put it on sale quite a bit which is nice.

The only time I switch up my face routine is when I add a masque to the mix a few times a week and I use a moisturizing night cream before bed. In terms of facial Masques I LOVE Purminerals Mineral Mudd Masque.

And finally a night cream. I will admit, I have not tried that many, but I do really like Marcelle Essentials Night Cream. It makes my skin feel smooth without being greasy and in the morning it is super soft. What more could a girl ask for?

Let’s move on to the fun stuff. I happen to love applying makeup. Watching my face transform to my desired look gets me going in the morning better than coffee (then again I don’t really drink coffee). The water, supplements and cleansing system really help with not having to wear a lot of makeup and therefore getting my face ready in the morning does not take that much time. I can do hair and makeup in under an hour and with an 8:30 call-time at work, that is a time frame I tend to love. So, for starters, I don’t wear foundation. Nothing against anyone who chooses to, I get it’s appeal, but I don’t think it jives well with my face. Anytime I have ever tried to wear it you can notice it on my face and that is the worst. I opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. For a long time I used Marcelle’s tinted moisturizer with an SPF-15 in it but I recently gave Garnier’s BB Cream a try.

I am so glad I decided to try it. It helped that it was on sale (usually retails for about $19.99 and was on for $14.99 at Shoppers recently) as I sometimes hate buying products for the first time at full price. This cream adds a perfect tint of colour, evens out my skin tone and makes my skin feel super soft. Sometimes I set it with a powder if my skin is more on the oily side on any particular day. Finally, to finish off this “glowing” look I swipe on some blush to give my cheeks a rosey pick-me up. I am currently loving Maybellne’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Rose Petal. This product goes on like a powder but is actually a cream so it looks and feels soft.

The hardest part of this look is being consistent. Take the supplements every day, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep the natural moisture in your skin and NEVER go to bed with makeup on (the only exception is if you are drunk….doing a three step process can seem a bit daunting when you are next thing to passing out). Remember that makeup is secondary to treating your skin right.


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