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Fifty Shades of Pretending This Never Happened

I should know that when I accompany a friend to the mall that I will not be able to walk out without purchasing something. At least this time around it was not a product for my face or clothes (I could seriously open my own department store at this point). Instead, I spent about $50 on books. Smart spending is what I call it. I am not entirely  sure why I felt the need to buy both. It’s like I suddenly believe that every person in every bookstore is going to make a mad dash towards every book that I am interested in, causing the one I decided not to get that day to be sold out, resulting in others who wanted that book to go crazy and cut down every tree and thus the book is forever lost. Alas, 20 minutes and two standing in line’s later and I was $50 poorer and two books richer. So, what did I purchase exactly? The first was Fifty Shades of Grey. I saw it at the front of my local Indigo when I walked by it the other day and then when I was getting my hair done, my hair stylist brought it up and said it was inspired by Twilight but was for adults, lost the vampire part and was based in erotica. SOLD. Since I am not exactly living the exotic life I might as well live vicariously through the chick in this book as she lives it. There is also the added bonus that if I read it and fall in love, there are two more in the series at my disposal (provided those mad crowds of people don’t attack every book store and then take out their frustrations on every tree in existence). The other book I purchased is called Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir). I read about this book while catching up on Brene Brown’s blog. The book, by Jenny Lawson, sounded like an exaggerated version of something that I would write. One will be there when I need a laugh and a little pick-me-up and the other will be there when I need a little lovin’….in the vicarious sense.



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