Life · Toronto

School of Wine

 I got invited to a “Wine School” today. If I wasn’t trying to slowly recover from peacing out to NYC for four days two weeks ago I would probably sign up. I have been thinking that my nose in the glass technique has been a little off these days and could use some polishing. Also, I have never really mastered the “Swirl and Spit”. The whole concept of someone giving me delicious alcohol only to spit it out has never really connected with me. It’s like “Hey body, you are getting drunk tonight – PSYCH! No you’re not”. That’s just cruel. It’s almost as bad as those dreams I have about Ryan Gosling where we are just about to get it on and my alarm goes off. Nothing ruins a perfectly good sex dream like the knowledge that it’s 7:30am and your biggest excitment of the day will be successfully getting to work without your pencil skirt riding up to your chest….but I digress. I would really like to learn about different wines and food pairings. I mean, there are days when my box of red just doesn’t jive well with my extra cheesy Kraft Dinner and I think, fuck….what am I doing wrong here? People who are wine experts always seem so classy and if class can be bought for $45, I should probably look into it. 


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