Burning Love

I randomly came across the show Burning Love the other day and I am beyond hooked. Apparently, it used to be a web series but now the first season is on E! while the second season simultaneously plays on, with new episodes every Thursday and Friday. The show is a major jab at The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but the thing I love about it most, is that it is more-so a play on real life. Take for instance the episode tonight. There is a cute guy (not smoking hot, but cute, tall and charismatic…which I have learned often = deadly) and he is the kind of guy that appears to be 100% committed to you, while also appearing that way to 5 other chicks (this takes some serious dedication to douchebaggery, so on some level, I do applaud these guys). This guy also comes across as not really being that interested in any of the said girls…. and you just know that he is jacking off to his reflection in the mirror. We all know this guy exists. We have all dated this guy. The thing that makes this show even more hilarious and true-to-life is how f*cking down-pat they get these characters. Ryan Hansen (who I have LOVED since Veronica Mars) plays the quintessential “Charming Douchebag” to an absolute T! A watered-down (and not at all copyrighted) conversation that ensues between his character Blaze and the Bachelorette of the season.

[To the camera] “I am not interested in this chick at all, Son”
[To the Bachelorette] “I have to go home. This has nothing to do with me not being interested in you, because I totally am, but I don’t have anyone to collect my mail anymore and I can’t have it piling up” Pause as you watch the chick not believe a word he says but “believing” every word he says at the same time.

The thing I find the most interesting is the word “Son”. If you ever and I mean ever, hear a guy use the word “Son” and it’s sweet, slightly extended version “Sons/Sonz” you turn around and walk away immediately. Nothing says “I am a cocky motherfucker with narcissistic tendencies” like a guy that uses the word “Son” at the end of a sentence. This I know for sure.


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