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Colour Me….


I am running in the 5K Color Me Rad on June 23rd. The run benefits Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto and as an added bonus, you get to enjoy coloured powder as it flies through the air and sticks to your sweaty skin. I tend to sweat like a 500 pound man really glisten in the summer while engaging in physical activities, so I plan on being rainbow bright by the runs’ end. Signing up for this will really push me to jog on the reg, which is essential for my vanity in wanting great glutes and a killer ass health.

If you enjoy running for a great cause…. sorry, let me put that in English for you. If you like to brag about running in marathons on Facebook and Instagram yourself crossing a finish line (imagine the colours you could capture with all that powder on you) then click on the link below and start practicing your best angle, mid-jog.


I like to do the following poses before I jog…and after….and when I hit an intersection/stop light.



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