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Spring has sprung and I am finally coming out of my two-day hangover, compliments of Friday night (the kind of night that lands you in a sex shop post-midnight and for no reasons involving sex). I did manage to squeeze in a “jog” today (I use quotations because there was a lot of slowing down’s and “Am I still hungover’s?” being interjected throughout the 40 minutes). I also ventured to Kensignton Market today because I needed to replace my $5 sunglasses (RIP) with another pair of $5 sunglasses. Guess what I never bought? Yup. Sunglasses. I became distracted by locking eyes with my friend sitting on one of the patios attached to a burger joint. He asked to join him and another fellow he was with and I obliged because his friend was ruggedly good looking I am such a great friend. I stayed for about an hour, perfecting my stalker stare on this man whom will no doubt become my husband. Every great relationship begins with one person creeping the other person out, right?

Anyways, want to read about some things that I am currently in love with? Of course you do.

The first thing involves alcohol (no shock there). I have found a new favourite red wine. It’s a Pinot Noir and is by Louis Jadot. I recently received n LCBO gift card from someone, so I decided to go out and buy a bunch of alcohol that I have never tried before.  So far it is paying off. This wine is great and there is also an apricot beer that I bought and it is the perfect compliment to a warm and sunny day outside.

winesunThe next item that I am currently in love with is a book (yeah, I do a shit-ton of reading). The book is by Gabrielle Bernstein and it is called Spirit Junkie. I hate the term “self-help” so I am not going to call this book that. It’s more of a positive vibes and getting in touch with your inner self book. Call it what you want, I happen to be at the point in my life (due to various circumstances) where I feel the need for a little guidance. Shit happens in life and we can either keep pushing and turn negatives into positives or we can dwell in the “what-went-wrongs” and be forever stuck in the same place, chasing our proverbial tails. In the past, I have been known to be the type of person who was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lately, I have really come to realize that when you are just waiting for something to go wrong, it will. When you convince yourself that things won’t turn around, they won’t. We can’t avoid the bumps in the road but we can control how we deal with them. This book is resonating with me in a big way and I highly suggest that you pick u a copy for yourself. It’s never a bad idea to have a mini support system at your finger tips.


Lastly, I just want to be a giant broad and talk about some lipstick that I am currently digging in a big way. First of all, it’s not expensive – $8.99! Rimmel for the win! Secondly, it’s a very summer colour and feels satin smooth on my lips (big plus). I don’t wear lipstick very often (more of a tinted lip balm girl in my day to day life) but when I do feel the need to spice things up, I love a lipstick that doesn’t feel (or taste) like lipstick. This lipstick is the Kate Moss collection and is shade 06 (no names, just numbers). It’s kind of on the bright side, but I know it will look killer with a tan….which I hope to have within a month – weather permitting.

rimmel-kate-moss-lipstick-06lipstickThis pic actually makes it look a lot more subtle than it is (my apartment does not bode well for photo shoots….I wish someone would have told me before I moved in…assholes…)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed some of the things that I am in love with. Know that I am sitting in my pj’s, lips covered in my new lipstick, enjoying a glass of my new favourite Pinot Noir and watching some Iron Chef. Happy Sunday evening to all.

P.S As much as I would have loved a Habs-Leafs showdown, it looks like they are taking on the Sens. I have no fear here. Go Habs Go 🙂


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