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Happy Cinco de Hungover

I’m celebrating Cinco de Mayo from my bed (and not in the fun “I am occupying it with warm body next to mine” kind of way). Nope. I am lying in bed, trying to remember what it feels like to not be hung over, while listening to my poor stomach growl at me for the food I am too nervous to let enter my body. I am afraid that she is going to turn on me and force the food to make a speedy exit. This doesn’t bode well with me due to my ever-present fear of vomiting. Just typing the word ‘vomiting’ made me gag.

On top of my unsettled stomach and inability to get out of my bed, a lobster-like sun burn has taken up residency in patches on my body. Try not to be jealous, but when this burn turns into a golden bronze colour, I am going to be rocking the sickest knee tan you have ever seen. I will also have patches of tan on the backs of my hands, up my arms, across my nose and a deep ‘V’ on my chest. Nothing says look at my nonexistent cleave like a deep red arrow. Thankfully, I have aloe vera gel and have been basically making love to it all day.

In other news, I am going to be contributing to the blog Red Lips Long Lashes beginning next week. First article should be up around Wednesday and pic and bio are up now (photo cred @cmcleanphoto and bio cred @BalovnevaA). Although Red Lips is mostly a beauty and fashion blog, there is a lot of other great material that can be found, such as lifestyle tips and book reviews, just to name a few. I encourage anyone who enjoys this blog to take a looksee at what is going on over at Red Lips and I will make sure to post links whenever I write an article.

All right ladies and gents, I am going to attempt moving from my bed and giving my body some Triscuits. Not only are they the only thing that seems somewhat appealing right now, but they are the closest thing to my bed. I have a hangover system that works like a champ.

Sweet burn, right?!


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