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Diary of the Unemployed – Day 1

So, yesterday I got let go from my place of employment. Truthfully, I saw it coming. The place is kind of a sinking ship and I was just one of the casualties that got pushed overboard as opposed to going down with the Titanic. Aside from mild panic attacks that stem from thinking “where is money to pay for life going to come from now” and “what if I never make what I was making ever again” I am doing all right. The job wasn’t my passion and all of the ppl I loved working with were let go back in June. I am just lucky that I was kept on long enough to have a pretty kick-ass summer. Thanks for that one Universe. Anyway, back to semi-expecting it. When your job becomes a clusterfuck of people hating their jobs, hating each other, nervous over their job security and competing in a nauseating dick measuring competition, you kind of see the white light but because of the money are hesitant to run towards it. It doesn’t help that the pretty boy who is currently winning said dick measuring competition does not like me and really made no attempts to hide it. I guess that is what happens when you feel powerless and know deep-down that you are not adequately equipped to do your actual job. He is quite literally a dumb blonde. Ok, so I know that I am sounding a wee bit bitter right now, but the truth is I am actually kind of relieved. That place was soul-sucking. We should have renamed ourselves Bitching, Chewing and Complaining (with a dash of backstabbing) Inc. Nice ring to it, no? Whatever the case, I am now unemployed and that is my harsh reality. Hi, I’m Nicole! I am 28, single and currently unemployed – the world is my oyster. HA! The thing is, the world is my oyster, as gay as that sounds. I am not longer tied to a job that I hung on to simply for pay cheque purposes (I’ll miss you needless shopping and expensive dinning). This job was never supposed to be the end-all-be-all for me. I initially took this job because I was desperate for cash to avoid moving back home and in with my parents. So for that, I am definitely grateful that this job fell on my lap. Now it is time to do the moving on that I always told myself I would do. The universe just had to give me a little push because I tend to get complacent while simultaneously complaining about my complacency. Now I have the ability to focus on what I really want out of life. Time to figure out what I want to do for a living and how I am going to accomplish that. I have all the time in the world and zero excuses (thanks E.I.). Since it could be months before I find anything else (kill me now if that happens) I figured I would document all my days of unemployment. There is nothing like being employed and reading about the pain and suffering of the unemployed. Be thankful you have jobs assholes! So this is day 1. I am feeling pretty OK. I am lounging on my futon with my puppy by my side (massive attack of pictures to come) and contemplating showering and getting groceries (might as well buy some food while I can still afford to eat). I am meeting up with one of my friend’s (and fellow fired employee) and we are taking the Bosman to the dog park and then indulging in scotch – because that’s the shit you drink when you no longer have a job. Keep it classy until the bitter end. I am lucky that I have awesome parents (ones that gracefully accepted me not wanting to talk to them on the phone about it) and a solid group of friends. Want to see their reactions? Of course you do!

Image               Image      Image

Image    Image      Image

Image       Image

OK, so the last one is just an adorable picture of my puppy BUT it is all the above reasons and people that make things like this a little less shit-tastic. I will update later on how the dog park and scotch drinking went. I know it sounds much more exciting than any day at work!


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