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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 4

I woke up this morning to this e-mail:

Nicole, if you go first and reach for the fruit; I’ll shake the tree.

Do a little dance; I’ll add some music.

Move in the direction of your dreams, even though at first nothing seems to happen; I’ll align the stars, butter your bread, connect the dots, trim the hedge, move some mountains, float the boat, and see you at the ball.

Metaphorically. Except for seeing you at the ball.

If you go first,
The Universe

If you are wondering why the e-mail signs off ‘The Universe’, it’s because that is who it is from. Daily, personalized e-mails come from this positive thinking and inspiration site:

It may seem a little cheesy, but there is something really motivating about waking up in the morning to a positive note; something that says “It’s all going to be OK and everything that is happening is all part of the plan.” It kind of gets your mojo going for the long day that is about to ensue…and I do mean long. It’s only day 4 (two of which were the weekend) and I am already bored. Job searching is depressing. I look at 5 or 6 jobs and immediately become disinterested in the entire process. Truth be told, I don’t even know what I am looking for. I am stuck between two industries. I am also torn between just wanting something, anything in order to have a steady income again and picking something that I am really interested in this time around. Do I really want every job I ever have to be based purely on “Oh, I took this because I needed money”? Having a career is important to me. Having one I enjoy is my goal. If the job I just lost would have continued for another 5, 10 or even 15 years, I probably would have stayed. I would have been OK being surrounded by people I enjoyed, making good money and feeling comfortable. Sad to say, but I would have supplemented the lack of interest in my job with outside sources. Trips, relationships, saving for a house/condo, my puppy. It would have been a charmed little life BUT that is not what I have. Right now, I am at square one, so I might as well indulge in my interests.

In other news, I just received a picture from a guy that I went on a date with about three weeks ago. Kind of took me by surprise, not because it was a naughty pic or because we haven’t been in contact since said date, but because….just…why? We went on one date and have been texting back and forth for a few weeks since, but haven’t gone on a second date (this is attributed to his job and “busy schedule” and me not really caring). What was going through his cute little head when he turned the camera on himself, snapped a selfie and decided that I would like to see it. Don’t get me wrong, he is a cute, but I think it takes a certain level of arrogance to take a picture of yourself and send it to a girl you went on one date with. The dating scene is much like the job search scene. You try out and few and become immediately disinterested in the whole thing.

Here is a picture of my adorable pup to get you through your Tuesday.

photo-2He hates baths almost as much as he hates walking


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