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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 6

I am going to keep this short and sweet because I feel like I may vom at any minute (and no, I haven’t been drinking). I don’t know if the stress of losing my job is finally setting in or if it’s because I turn 28 tomorrow and feel like I have next to nothing to show for it, but I feel horrible. I popped some Gravol but it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe all the times that I used it as a sleep aid instead of for upset stomach are coming back to haunt me. Either way, I just want to fall asleep and wake up feeling better. I hate having an upset stomach. As much as I loath throwing up, I kind of wish I could just do it and get it out of the way so that I would feel better. How I am I suppose to consume glorious (and free) beer that my friends will be supplying me tomorrow if I am teetering on the verge of vom fest 2013? Ugh. Here’s hoping that year 28 has a few shinier moments.



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