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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 7

October 18th, 1985 – easily the greatest day in history. At approximately 6:30am, 28 years ago, yours truly was born. Pretty exciting stuff, no?

So day 7 also happens to coincide with my birthday. Pretty nice birthday present from the Universe – unemployment. I had a fairly low-key day. My parents showered me with birthday love and a pretty kickass cookies and cream cake (courtesy of my mom). Momma also dyed my hair. It’s fall now, so the next-to-platinum blonde look isn’t really jiving with my skin colour any longer (aka I’ve lost my tan). Other than that, I just kind of kicked back with my pup and welcomed the flood of “Happy Birthday’s” on Facebook and text. I even received a couple phone calls, which I have to admit, I appreciated the most. It’s one thing to shoot off a text, but to actually pick up the phone and call (esp in the texting world we live in), it’s a welcomed change.

Later in the night I had some friends over and then headed to a pub. Again, pretty low-key but exactly what I wanted. I have never been a big ‘Plan a huge birthday and force everyone to come” kind of girl. I mean, I didn’t even decide on the location until friends who were joining later in the night coerced me into it. I think I picked No One Writes to the Colonel solely because we were walking down College and everyone just really wanted a drink (not that ANY of us needed one at that point). In typical Nicole fashion, I hit a wall around midnight and all I wanted was to go home to my pup and get some sleep. It’s actually a running joke with one of my friend’s an her b/f, because every time I am with them, we will be out having a great time and then boom! Nicole is ready for bed. I am an 80 year old trapped in a 28 year old’s body. For sure.


Flowers from the Russian
Flowers from the Russian
Card & PetValu Gift Cert from Gregory!
Card & PetValu Gift Cert from Gregory!



IMG_1769 IMG_1770



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