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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 14

If you are smart (which I assume you are if you are reading this), then you will notice that I skipped ahead a few days. No, I was not in an alcohol induced coma (although judging by the amount of red wine I drank on Friday, I very well could have been). I simply decided to take the unemployed life on the road. I high tailed it to a city much colder than Toronto (because I am a sadist, I guess) to chill out and escape reality for a few days. I took the train Thursday night and had the pleasure of sitting beside a walking (or sitting as the case was) perfume bottle. This woman also donned a fur coat and the reddest lipstick I have ever seen (and I own MAC’s Russian Red). In her continued attempt to be a classy old broad, she ordered red wine and then proceeded to complain to me that the wine came in a box. Seriously, now? We are on the Via Rail and in Economy seating no less. Personally, I was intrigued by these mini boxes of wine. I envisioned having several stashed in my purse and treating them like juice boxes. Random day buzz? Don’t mind if I do.

Anyway, headache inducing train ride aside, I had a pretty solid weekend. It’s nice to have a low-key weekend, but to do it with someone – someone that you have a good time with and who can cook the shit out of food. I try not to stroke his ego too hard, but mouthwatering is how I would describe the meal he made on Friday night. I thanked him by beating his ass at Scrabble – twice. Realistically, it probably would have been three times, but the red wine really brought out my competitive side and in an attempt to spin the board to get a better read on things, I sent the letters flying. Neither of us were in the proper state to remember what letters went where. Most people would probably stop and think “If I am at the point where I can’t replace letters on a small Scrabble area, I should probably have a glass, no jug, of water and call it a night.” Instead, we retreated to listening to techno beats until 3 in the morning. Yes, we are 19. The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. A lot of lounging and TV watching. I got to witness a grown man be scared of a horror movie. I am talking hoodie tightened around his face, wrapped in a blanket that was pulled up to his eyes kind of scared. Truthfully, I was a little sad when the weekend ended. There is something calming about feeling the serenity of “vacation mode”. You don’t have to think about the fact that you are unemployed and have a mountain of decisions to make when you head home and back to reality.

Now here I am, on Day 14, sitting in my apartment with my pup on my lap, hoping to figure my shit out…and I don’t necessarily mean just what I am going to do for employment. I kind of feel like every aspect of my life is up in the air, with all of these questions floating around. I am going to take the approach of looking at this point of my life as an opportunity to make some new and positive decisions in terms of work, friendships, relationships – all of it. Or maybe I am just going to take some Gravol and start dealing with these things tomorrow.



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