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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 27

Well, I finally found out what was wrong with my laptop. Turns out it wasn’t the battery (bye bye $100 I didn’t need to spend) and it wasn’t the charger (Hey, Amazon – thanks again for sending me an 85 watt charger when I needed AND purchased a 60 watt). After several phone calls, Google searches and visits to a couple techies, it finally took a guy in a wheel chair with one arm to diagnose the problem. I don’t really remember what the prob was (bc I am a girl with no interest in how the inside of a computer works) but it had something to do with the charging mechanism. I will have my baby back by Wednesday at the latest. I miss her so much. Do you have any idea what a week and a half without Netflix is like? It’s like a long distance relationship, but worse.

All right, let’s talk about makeup for a bit shall we? Snow fell the other day, which means I have to give up all my delusions that summer is not over and accept that the worst season known to man is upon us. In case you can’t tell, I hate winter. The layers, the return of my Snow White complexion (not a good thing) and my overwhelming desire to hibernate – ugh. The one positive about winter, is the ability to change up and renew your wardrobe and makeup routine. Since I am unemployed, I have more time to think about these things. So, when I am not watching Netflix, smothering my pup and binge-stalking people I don’t know on Facebook, I like to try different makeup (being broke can’t stop the purchase of cosmetics) to see how I can update my look with the change in season. I also need to learn how to buy things on the cheap, so this is going to be a whole new world of makeup for me.

So, first thing is first. Lipstick. I like a good lip in the winter. It is a quick and easy way to brighten up your face (and help you fully accept the fading tan blues). In the winter, I like to rock the deep pinks, soft plums, berries, and, on special occasions, a classic crimson red. Check out some of my current faves below.

I am LOVING lipstick pencils these days. Three of my faves for the winter (pictures above) are Annabelle’s Twistup’s in Breeze (a deep blushy-pink) and Royale, and Quo’s Luminous Gloss Stick in Flash (a soft burgundy).

I am wearing Royale in the pic above. I find that it lasts a fairly long time, which I can totally get behind.

Some other lipsticks I am currently digging are Maybelline’s Colorsensational in Plum Paradise, L’Oreal’s Color Riche in Berry Royale, Cover Girl’s Euphoria, and, of course, Mac’s Russian Red.


As for things on the cheap, I recently took a trip to my local Shoppers Drug Mart because I was in need of some mascara (bitches dry out and it’s the worst). Instead of purchasing my regular $13 mascara, that has never let me down in almost a year of wearing it – I cheated. A bright yellow sticker that read $4.99 caught my attention and I couldn’t not take that mascara for a spin. I purchased Big Eyes, from Maybelline’s new line The Falsies. This mascara comes with an applicator for your top lashes, as well as a smaller and skinnier brush for your lower lashes. Typically, I don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes, but since it was there, I did it (typical Nicole move).

I am a fan! I actually had someone say to me “My God, your eyes are gorgeous”. Yes, they were over the age of 50. Here is the mascara on my lashes.

Fluttery, no?

Lastly, I purchased some new (and brighter) cream blush. This bad boy is also courtesy of Maybelline and was also on sale for $4.99 (ain’t life grand in the cheap lane). I purchased Dream Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale. I read that if you are trying to accomplish that classic natural look, one should try and match up their blush with the colour of their lips. Since my lips are naturally fairly pink, this deeper pink goes well with my complexion.


Makeup finding aside, I have found another positive in being unemployed. It seems as though people, in particular family members, feel bad for you and buy you things. I was with momma bear the other day and she bought me a deep green infinity scarf (seen in the pics) as well as two pair of ankle booties. Check em’ out below.


I am going to the Food and Wine Expo next weekend, so I am sure to be rocking one pair of these then. I think I might be more excited to sport some hot heels than going to the actual event. Unemployment doesn’t allow me to get out much. Any excuse to wear something beyond pj’s and jogging attire is a BIG excitement.





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