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Diary of the Unemployed: Day 37

I FINALLY GOT A LAPTOP!! So, my old Macbook Pro is dead and gone (RIP). My one-armed friend at the computer repair shop couldn’t get that bad boy to power-up no matter what he tried (but still charged me $155 for all the “hours” of trying). After having a celebrity-sized meltdown at hearing of my computer’s brutal fate, I went crawling to mommy and daddy to buy me a new one. Since they think I have the polar opposite of horseshoes flying out of my ass, they took pity on me and bought me a brand new Macbook Pro.

photoThis time, I (my parents) splurged and got the AppleCare Protection Plan. This way, when my computer decides to be a major dick and commit suicide on me again, I can make Apple my bitch and make them send me a brand new, not depressed version (for three years at least). I am honestly just happy to be able to start applying for jobs again. I never thought that I would say that. Actually, these past couple of weeks have been kind of eye opening for me. I have started to settle into a self that makes due when she loses something and doesn’t necessarily need that “excess” money that I was used to having. Recognizing that I can do this has really made me realize that I need to forgo the idea of getting back into finance. I am not happy there. I am not doing any of the things that I love there. I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I have finally made a firm decision on what I want and that I am wholeheartedly going to go for it. I actually received a very encouraging email from a friend today and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t think I properly expressed to him how much the email meant to me (classic Nicole) but, you know who you are…and if you happen to come across these narcissistic ramblings of mine, know it was something that I needed to hear. You are a good guy.


OK! I promised some Food and Wine goodies and I hope that pictures suffice, because things got a wee bit….messy. I’m talking “I don’t remember those pictures-eating two deep fried hot dogs when I don’t even really like hot dogs-did I make out with that guy-slept in my clothes-tasted wine the entire next day” kind of messy. Can I just say, that it was basically a hot-single-guy convention. Even in my state, I remember being hit on a few times and wound up giving one of the guys’ my number. Of course when I woke up the next day and received a text from said guy, I immediately regretted that ¬†decision. My weak memory came back to me enough to remember that I wasn’t into him. While he was hella funny, he was in no way my type. Yeah, I have a bonafide type. Anyway, I had to make the awkward decision of what to do with this guy…which was nothing. I know. I know. Shitty move. I’m a bitch and I am building some bad karma over here. But, what was I going to say? “Sorry dude, only gave you my number because I was drunk” Or, make some small talk, agree on a date and then bail on it and just never reschedule? Yes, I have done that before. Ugh, I am the worst. In trying not to be a bitch or hurt anyone’s feelings, I end up doing just that. Truth is, there is no way around feeling that sting of rejection. Whether it’s from someone saying, “not interested” or someone not responding to a text, it’s going to happen. We have all been there, and with my newly acquired adult acne, I am sure you’ll get to read about me being there to the point where you’ll want to pat me on the back or adopt me….or something. Anyway, I highly doubt that he is losing any sleep over it.

537090_930365079952_40190078_n 563112_930373443192_1861001523_n 999130_930365254602_1798644826_n 1450301_930365284542_1226286090_n 1441415_930365025062_753261057_n 1425729_930365010092_10787078_n 1004991_930365154802_562181691_n 1451357_930365394322_1512146586_n 1451986_930363039042_390605333_n 1452094_930365124862_2055240485_n 1468496_930365354402_1034691046_n 1471274_930365524062_1725686968_n 1470381_930365304502_511752232_n 1469950_930365174762_1617291985_n 1469920_930365469172_1718878000_n


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