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Diary of the Unemployment: Day 40

You know what is a pretty good drink? Coconut Rum and Orange Juice (With no pulp. If I wanted an orange, I would eat one, and since I have never seen rum-filled oranges, I don’t want it). Anyway, that’s what I am doing right now. Well, I am also sending out Tweets that are sure to make me, and only me, laugh, and binge-watching Girl Code. I NEED TO GET ON THAT SHOW. I just have so much to say about whether or not your snootch should resemble Eeyore, and if talking to your dog counts as having a social life. For the record, I am jealous of anyone who can say their’s holds a resemblance, and yes, talking to your dog is the best kind of social life to have. I could talk about my experience with threesomes – of the rum and Netflix variety. I don’t know you guys, I think I have found my calling. Give it time.

All right, want something exciting (maybe not quite as exciting as rum and Netflix)? I am teaming up with an online clothing site (which I cannot name just yet…give it a week or so) for something kind of fun, and also something that will involve a contest. Who doesn’t love a contest? I honestly spend hours a day entering them (this is mostly because I can no longer afford to go out and buy myself things and want them more than ever). I had to put some outfits together that define me and my style, and  then snap a few pics. I did a dry run last night and thought I would post a couple of the semi-blurry, kind of shitty photos (because I love you all so much).

bfw1(2) bfw6(2) bfw8 bfw11 bfw13 fbw12

Yeah, I like a lot of black…and a lot of H&M. You know what I say to that?



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